Búmerkið hjá felagnum

About us.

The Faroese Bible Society

The Faroese Bible Society is a non-profit church-based organization which publishes the authorized Bible in Faroese on an ecumenical basis.

The Bishop of the National Church in the Faroe Islands is president of the Bible Society, and Chairman of the Board is MD Bergur D. Joensen.

Our purpose

The purpose of the Bible Society is making the Bible and biblical material available in Faroese and internationally as well

  • in a variety of languages
  • in a usable form
  • at a payable price

Our work

The Bible Society includes

  • fundraising and Bible promotion
  • a publishing department
  • Bible promotion in the Faroe Islands

Within each field we are working to make the Bible present and available nationally as well as internationally.

In fundraising we collect funds for the international Bible work. We divide the funds between the various Bible projects around the world through the United Bible Societies.

The Bible Society’s publishing department publishes the Bible in various editions. These editions reflect the different users and their needs.